About us


From small seeds great trees are grown!

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Mark Knight, I pastor The Vine church with my wife Louise.

We have both been Christian's for some years now and are seeking to serve the LORD as He directs us. We both have a passion for discipleship and have been used by the LORD in the discipleship and development of many Christian's.

We hold to the belief that discipleship should be holistic in its nature and that God desires to speak into every area of a believer's life. With such thinking in mind, we seek to bring good biblical teaching to those who the Lord has called us to disciple. Such biblical discipleship will develop the family, professional, and social lives of believers. 

Living in Jeffrey's Bay provides us with fantastic opportunities to bring the love and grace of God to all people. God has particularly laid on our hearts those coming from troubled backgrounds and those still living with troubled lives. Jesus died on the cross to bring us life and freedom from those things that have held us captive.

As we seek to share the truth of the gospel which is, "that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us", we hope that God, through the ministry of His Spirit will lead people into the fulfilling life that He created us all to live.

At The Vine, we like to make everyone welcome so that all people are free to discover Jesus, and the life that He offers to all who will turn to Him for salvation.

To undertake such a ministry as has been described here requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. I (Mark) am currently completing my theological studies with Spurgeon's bible college, based in the UK. My wife and I have also been blessed with many years of ministry experience where we have led church services, small group ministries, and some couples or one to one Christian counselling/mentor ministries.


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